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June 14, 2016 Holly Porath

It's no surprise, that with the amount of people afflicted by cancer, that there is also a large amount of people willing and wanting to help. The wonderful World Wide Web has enabled further reach for help and knowledge. Cancer patients can certainly rely on their community for support during treatment, but its also very important to remember to keep in mind the other organizations country-wide that offer assistance as well. If you know someone going through cancer, check out any or all of the sites below and sign up on their behalf. I signed my Mom up for a lot of these helpful giveaways. It takes minimal effort and is a thoughtful way to connect the giver with the receiver since a lot of times the patient does not have the energy or strength to sign up themselves. 

  • American Cancer Society's Wig Bank - My Mom went through 2 wigs over the course of her treatment. She was never that crazy about them or how she looked in them. Wigs are just another expensive cost to an already burdensome treatment plan. If you have the means to, it would be extremely thoughtful to pay for an extra wig. They become hot, sweaty & dirty so it's nice to have an alternative during cleanings. Comically, my Mom singed some of her first wig when taking food out of the oven. So, accidents happen and it's helpful to have a backup. If you aren't in a position to help pay for a wig, check out the American Cancer Society's list of places that help provide free wigs. Selection may be limited, but it's always worth a try.
  • France Luxe - When my Mom was going through treatment, this awesome company was kind enough to send her a free head wrap. Their proceeds from this particular wrap go to benefit the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (which is the type of cancer my Mom was first diagnosed with).
  • Good Wishes Head Wraps - Patients will ultimately have their favorite and most comfortable head wrap. However, at the beginning its nice to have options so they can trial and error what works for them. Here's another option for a free head wrap.
  • My Pink Scarf - Here's another head wrap option for knitted scarves.
  • Heavenly Hats - This site offers free brand new hats to cancer patients. 

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