Avon 39 Walk Fundraiser

March 03, 2017 Holly Porath

In honor of Triple Negative Brest Cancer Day, I'm kicking off my fundraising effort for the Avon 39 I will be walking in June. 

My Mom's dear friend asked me to join her team and I jumped at the chance. The 39 miles will be split over two days. The dollars raised will put food on the table of a breast cancer patient and her family. They will enable access to mammograms and medicine, fuel research and save lives.

If you are able to make a donation - no matter how small - please follow this link to donate to the cause. I am required to raise $1,800 to walk with thousands of other women in an effort to put an end to breast cancer.

While breast cancer at any stage or diagnosis is scary and upsetting, a triple negative diagnosis is terrifying. It is more aggressive than other forms of breast cancer and is also not a good candidate for hormonal therapy.

Women with triple negative breast cancer tumors have an overall survival rate of about 55%, while women with the the ER+/PR+/HER2- subtype have an estimated 5-year survival rate of 84%.

Awareness leads to fundraising, which leads to advancements in treatment. The more time and effort we put into raising money for cancer research, the more we increase survival rates. Medical advancements don't happen on their own, it takes a concerted group effort to raise the amount of dollars needed to save lives.

My Mom battled triple negative breast cancer from 2010-2014. She fought for as long and as hard as her body and modern medicine would allow. Had she been diagnosed in the 80's I'm sure her battle would have been much, much shorter. Alternatively, had she been diagnosed in 2020, maybe she would have beaten the disease. Let's put in the time and effort now so that our parents, ourselves and our children have better odds when the diagnosis hits. 

The more of us who walk, the more of us survive.

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  • Maria Boulton

    Mar 03, 2017

    Holly, I am so excited you are joining us. I love and miss your Mommy, everyday. I know she is going to be walking every step of the way with us. We’ll be singing Beach Boys and all of her favorites. Love you!! xoxo

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