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August 04, 2016 Holly Porath

Keeping everyone up to speed on your cancer treatment can be exhausting. It can feel like a full time job...from answering messages, calls and texts, to having visitors. To be honest, it's a difficult balance. Giving yourself enough quiet time to rest while still keeping those that care most about you updated on your progress. 

Cue CaringBridge website. For anyone going through a sickness or challenging life event, this website is invaluable. The site serves as a blog, where any changes, needs or updates can be posted. It allows families to avoid having to make several time consuming and emotional phone calls. The other great feature, is you can sign up to receive an email notification any time your friend or loved one makes a post. 

My Mom started posting updates in 2010 when she was first diagnosed. It not only let her inform her different social groups but maybe, more importantly, it gave her an outlet. For her, I think it was sort of cathartic, to journal and write everything out. I think it also took away from some of her feelings of isolation that inevitably come with a diagnosis. Simply put, it was a lifeline that connected her to her friends and family that she didn't see every day. There were nights when she was wide awake from all the hormones, so she would sit at the computer in our living room and type away. It also meant the world to her when someone would take five minutes out of their day to comment on her post and encourage her.

Here is my Mom's page that is still up today. It's bittersweet to see words she wrote and feelings she once felt. Remembering her journey still pains me that she had to endure all of that, but it's nice to be able to bring her to life a little bit. It makes my recollection of her just a little more real and ignites my memory with flashes of her personality.

I would encourage anyone to use CaringBridge as an avenue to "share, connect and rally support", no matter the life event or sickness. 


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