About Brave Box

Hi! My name is Holly and my passion is sending useful, thoughtful snail mail. 

Brave Box arose from the desire to send care packages to sick family living out of town. First hand experience and research has allowed Brave Box to bring comfort and relief to the patients receiving them. 
Brave Box has been created in the spirit of my mom, Marsha, who passed away in May 2014 from cancer. Before her battle, my Mom was the ULTIMATE in snail mail and care packages. Summer camp wasn't complete without receiving a box of her famous chocolate chip cookies. During and after college it wasn't out of the ordinary to get a card in the mail weekly, just saying "hello" with encouraging sentiments. 
When we have someone in our lives going through a sickness, especially one like cancer its easy to feel helpless. This is even truer if we find ourselves unable to be there in person. When my Mom was first diagnosed I was living out of state. I felt discouraged by the items on the market for cancer patients. She soon had far too many pink ribbon branded items laying around the house that didn't bring any usefulness to her situation. If I couldn't be sitting right next to her during treatment, I wanted to send her something that eased her pain and discomfort during that time. That's what every item in Brave Box strives to do.