Customer Testimonials


"It was amazing!  I sent the box to my sister and she called me the day she received it in tears. I visit her every month now to take care of her. She has the card included in the box hanging I her kitchen and when I saw it it I was so touched by the fact that it was hand written. Doesn't seem like a lot but it really meant a lot to have that personal touch."


"Thank you for offering such a wonderful product.  I was trying to think of something I could do for my friend.  And I found your website."


"Our experience was great. The recipient of the box absolutely loved it and noted that all the products are exactly what she needed after chemo. Thank you so much for providing this service.  I feel so helpless when I have a friend going through this struggle and knowing that there is something that I can send them that acknowledges the difficult spot they are in is so helpful."


"I gave my dad the brave box and he loved it. At the time, he was pretty weak and a little disoriented from all the treatment (turns out brain cancer will make your brain a little wacky). Well, he's nearing the end of his treatment and I can post again if we have any good updates. Thanks for being one of the short list of things that made my dad smile during this whole ordeal. What you're doing is wonderful and what people get from it goes way beyond what most would think. Thank you." -Jane


"It was well received by my BFF. When she received it she said she already knew that what was in the box would be put to good use. She also said thanks for believing that she could be brave, because she was scared. So all in all it was a great package of encouragement. I was very glad I found the brave box because honestly I did not know what to send."


"It is such a great option. I needed something else to send other than a card or flowers. It went directly to my friend in need. She was very happy with its contents and started using them right away." -Lynn


"The box was beautiful. It came unmarked/undamaged and on time. I also LOVE the name. The person I got this for was so grateful and even said that all the items included were doctor recommended. Overall I had a wonderful experience. Thank you for creating something that provides an extra boost of confidence during such a difficult time."


"I was very pleased with my purchase! Although I never actually saw the box because it was shipped directly to my aunt, who is currently recieving chemotherapy, I was very pleased the prompt delivery and how quickly you answered my questions. I feel like the was a great way to show her I was thinking about her even though I could not be there. Plus, it was a very practical gift that she could actually use and benefit from! Its very hard to have a family member battling cancer and you never quite know what to say or how to help and I felt that this gift was a great (and practical!) way to support her!" -Antonia


"I think your concept is great! My colleague was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and just started treatment. We work in different cities, and I wanted to send something to let her know that I'm thinking of her. I think the items in the Brave Box are so much more thoughtful and useful than flowers. I love that the box is so modern looking and doesn't scream "cancer." Since I was sending this to her office and I'm not sure whether she's shared her diagnosis with everyone, I appreciated that the box was subtle." -Vicki


"My friend used the Brave Box last week for her first chemo treatment. The items were very useful and she loved the box. The queasy pops and ginger were most helpful. Thank you so much!" -Susan


"Thanks for sending my Mom her Brave Box. She absolutely loved it! Thanks for providing a great product!" -Samantha